Wingerton/H6.1 Wingerton/H6.1

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A CSX coaltrain has just passed the H6 milepost and crosses a counrty road into wingerton, PA.

The coaltrain is approaching the signal bridge at Wingerton, with an "Approach Diverging" indication. Today the signals are dark and indanger of being taken down. (August 1996)

The Wingerton telegraph office in August 1918. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

The road crossing at Wingerton in April 2004.

CSX took out the westbound track at the crossing when they reworked the crossing here at Wingerton. They even moved the crossing lights up closer in the path of the old westbound track. (12-3-04)

WM's signal bridge is now dark at Wingerton. (12-3-04)

The CSX Chambersburg local passes thru Wingerton and under the signal bridge that has had the signals removed.

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